Wellness – Aging in Place and Lone Worker Protection

Absolute Security Alarms is a certified Numera Libris provider. We can provide products, training, and support for this incredible device anywhere in the USA. We are very interested in the concepts of mobile caregiving and aging in place. Our life-changing wellness platform saves families from the heartache of removing loved ones from their homes, and the associated exorbitant expenses.

Below is some information about our mPERS and Wellness at Home programs.  

mPERS = Mobile Personal Emergency Response Device. This life-changing device can allow loved ones to remain active and always have a safety net to help with falls, location tracking, and two- way communications at the touch of a button. The device also offers outstanding protection for the lone worker.

Numera Libris 2 offers a proactive and socially engaging solution for active seniors, lone workers and people with an increased risk of falls or other health concerns.


The Libris 2 uses algorithms to sense falls based on real human falls. This means the device is more likely to accurately recognize a fall, versus when a device is dropped on the ground. The device also uses 4 fall sensors to provide added reliability and sensitivity. In the event of a fall, Libris 2 provides better accuracy with top quality fall detection technology.


When a fall is detected, the Libris 2 automatically calls the call center to provide quick, two-way communication. Even if they are unconscious or unable to reach the device’s home button to call for help, the Libris 2 can allow the user to get help, and the call center to assess the level of help they may need.

Libris 2 now features improved call and audio quality for fast and more reliable communication when users need help the most.


Libris 2 now features 4G/LTE support for improved cellular range. The signal from the Libris 2 connects to EverThere and the call center’s system to provide more precise, timely information on the user’s location.


On-board GPS and location-based services help emergency response teams pinpoint the user’s location to get them the help they need as quickly as possible. Libris 2 now has a battery life of up to 48 hours, making mobile safety easier than ever.


Libris 2 cradles now feature convenient and reliable charging. Internal magnets hold the device securely in the cradle port to help ensure continuous charging. The cradle is also adaptable for mobile charging when traveling. The small, lightweight charging module provides convenience and is easily adapted from the full cradle.


Completely Mobile: 4G LTE
Audio:  Full duplex speaker-phone, communication up to 1 meter from the device
Manual Alert:  Touch button activates voice call and data transfer to call center
Durable: Shatter-resistant from 6.5 feet (IK06)
Highly Water-Resistant: Designed to be worn in the shower or bath (IPx7 Rating)
Outside Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.0” x 1.9” x 0.8” (With protective casing)
Color Two-Tone: Cool Gray/Storm Gray
48-Hour Battery Life


Wellness and Aging in Place

An Absolute Security Alarms home security system is so much more than an alarm system. Our algorithm detection and advanced programming bring the ability to have loved ones remain in place while the system automatically supervises, and notifies the family of unusual activity, via text and email.

  • Unusual room entry activity and timing
  • Extra or fewer trips to the bathroom
  • Lights left on
  • Perimeter doors left open
  • Medication activity
  • Has not opened the refrigerator in a while
  • Stove knobs have been left on
  • High or low thermostat settings
  • Staying in bed longer than usual
  • Video enabled conversation with your loved one
  • Doors locked or unlocked
  • Remote control of the system from anywhere

Here are some examples of how this could work for you:

It’s 10:00 am and your mom has not opened the refrigerator since 8:00 last night. Text and email of this unusual lack of activity has been automatically sent to you and your siblings. Wellness at home can be achieved with Absolute Security Alarms.

The thermostat is reading unusually warm at dad’s house today. You are automatically notified via text and email that dad must feel cold. Check back for more “Aging at Home” automation by Absolute Security Alarms.

Your mom typically passes a motion detector on her way to the bathroom twice nightly. This evening she has gone past it four times. The unusual activity has been detected, and both son and daughter have been texted and emailed by the system.
Check back for some more tales of “Aging in Place” automation, with Absolute Security Alarms.

In addition to the scenarios listed above, we can automatically report: perimeter doors opened and left open, in bed earlier or longer than normal, stove knobs turned on and left on, fall detection with audio contact, look in with audio, auto lighting when motion is detected, adherence to prescribed exercise, mobile request for help button, location pinpointing, caregivers remote dashboard with notifications, and more.

How much does it cost to remove your loved ones from their home and pay for care?
We can help you automate the place they want to be most. You will be amazed at how affordable this is!

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