Seattle & Bellevue Security Company Testimonials

Our customers come first, so we pay close attention to your testimony to find ways in which we can improve in our security system services. Read through some of our past customers’ testimonials here, or send recollections of your experiences with us »

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“Great Technician…
Hi Nancy: Here’s a new testimonial for your site if you like. And thanks so much for all your help. The customer service of Absolute Security Alarms is just as great post-sales as pre-sales. Our technician, Ed, has done an outstanding job in answering questions and checking our system.”

by Jamie S.

Snohomish, WA

“They Walk the Talk…
Wow, looking at the existing reviews, it seems like Absolute Security Alarms does not need any more, so I’ll make mine short. In a nutshell.. they walk the talk. And, they don’t disappoint. I’ve purchased 4 2gig systems over a span of 2 years and all are working perfectly. We have history. I’ve got systems in my business and at home in Washington and also 2 systems in Ecuador, South America. They are even able to pull off support in another continent. Matthew, Edgar and the crew have gone above and beyond in helping me brainstorm serious security issues in a 3rd world country, much to my satisfaction. In addition, they have recommended additional equipment not even sold by them to complement their equipment. If you’re considering security for your place, I highly recommend them. It’s refreshing to work with a family run business that truly aims to please and knows their stuff !”

by Ron N.

Bellevue, WA

“A Company That Listens…
I’ve talked to Kristi Rose from Absolute Security Alarms a few times and she is just so educated and knows every single aspect of security systems. She really listens and pays attention to your needs and sets you up with a system that will work best for you. The fact that she was in law enforcement for years helps as well in trusting her.”

by Jean-Marcus S.

Seattle, WA

“Personally Impressed…
I personally have been impressed with the alarm systems, not only myself, but also so have my clients. The systems look great, they are sooo easy to use, and I love the remote app for my Android and iPad. Also, clients of mine that I have recommended to Absolute Security have been very appreciative of the staff and their quick response to questions, their overall friendliness and honest advice about what things might or might not be needed. Recently they even came out and serviced a system in one of my client’s homes that was not even one they installed! Their field technician was so friendly and fixed the errors by the previous alarm company and took excellent care. I’ll always have no problem recommending Barry and his team at Absolute Security to friends, colleagues and clients.”

by Marco K.

Seattle, WA

“Extremely Pleased…
We had Kristi Rose with Absolute Security Alarms out to our home and were extremely pleased with her approach. Kristi is very knowledgeable and friendly and is not the type to push you at all. She gives you an array of options to choose from, provides her professional experience and guidance to help select the appropriate security set-up to meet your needs. We were also impressed with Kristi’s background as a Redmond Police Officer, which lends itself well to her service. We also appreciate the level of quality products that they represent.”

by TP Tenhulzen Painting Inc.

Mill Creek, WA

“Major Thanks…
Major thanks to Absolute Security Alarms. My girlfriend is the definition of paranoid, and just like magic she now feels safe and secure knowing her new security system is in place. They scheduled an install within the week and worked with our schedules. Thanks Kristi for coming out, we can now sleep without a baseball bat under our beds!”

by Steven S.

Seattle, WA

“Sleeping Better…
Talk about being able to sleep better at night now? Thank you SO much Kristi and the Absolute Security Team. After a break-in occurred to a family member, I was shaken up to the point where I needed a security system put in place. Kristi came over, walked through my home explaining the nuts and bolts of how everything works. The prices are great, they are kind and helpful. I am now not nervous to be in my Seattle home alone :)”

by Samantha S.

Seattle, WA

“Very Helpful & Caring…
Months before I finalized my move to Seattle, I emailed Kristi Roze to ask her a few questions about alarm systems, mostly because I worried that a power-outage, which I understood were frequent in this region, would cause my alarm to sound if I were out of town, and drive my neighbors crazy (answer: it won’t). She was very helpful with her reply, and we made vague plans to schedule a consultation for my new home in November, once I’d arrived…

When Hurricane Sandy hit, Kristi remembered that I lived in Cambridge, MA, and actually sent me an email to say that she hoped I was alright. That is just the kind of person she seems to be…and I imagine that’s the kind of person working at ASA, in general.

She did come out to the house in November, and walked around the property with me, giving me recommendations and repeatedly reiterating that her goal was not to sell me additional equipment, but really tailor my plan to my needs, and to the situation of the house. The system itself is dead easy to use, and I really like that I receive push notifications via the app on my phone — so I know if someone uses a guest code and when (say, a pet-sitter or housecleaner), or if the power does go out…and when it comes back on, too.

The day after installation, I was baking cookies to bring to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving, and my fire alarm went off twice. It’s situated about 3 rooms away from the oven, so I wasn’t certain that the heat from the oven could even be responsible; I called that night and left a message about it…and promptly had my call returned. Not only that, they sent somebody out to replace it on the morning after Thanksgiving. I haven’t had a problem with anything since.

I feel much more secure in my home now, and I feel equally safe with my purchase. There are a lot of points of concern in a home security system, from the equipment to the installation to the monitoring, and I feel like these guys take top-notch care of all of them. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

by Mary D.

Bainbridge Island, WA

“Pleased We Chose ASA…
I’m my happiest every time I patronize a great local business in Seattle. Both my husband Ryan and I are so pleased we ended up choosing ASA over any other vendor in the city. Sesha came to asses our home and was very honest about what we really needed (I’m a bit of a safety nut and if it was for me, I’d have barbwire all over my property). She helped us understand the best options for our house and needs. Plus, she was a sweetheart and a lovely person to work with!

I’m bummed I missed our first installer’s name. He was very thorough, kind and patient when it came to explaining us how the newly installed system worked. It was very easy to understand even though it is a VERY well engineered one and I’m a 100% sure it’ll be pretty hard to be bypassed by anyone. Also, this nice gentleman tested everything several times, giving me a lot of confidence in it.

We needed an adjustment today and they sent Edgar. He was here in less than 30 minutes after I placed my call. It was a plus we could speak in my mother language, Spanish. He was very nice and polite and made the adjustment quickly and efficiently. I was delighted to have such great service.

The system itself works incredibly well. We feel 100% safe. There are many pluses to it such a the possibility to control it remotely, email support and an app that works like a charm. Also, take into account that you’re helping a great Seattle business to thrive. ¡Gracias ASA!”

by Valentina V.

Seattle, WA

“Respectful of My Time…
As a small business owner Kristi was extremely respectful of my time and quick about putting a quote together for me. She was very knowledgeable about the product and showed me better locations for the cameras than I had originally planned. Kristi understood that I wanted cameras that I would actually be able to see faces of the people trying to break in as oppose to just watching blurry images steal your stuff. I am looking forward to getting this system installed and highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a quality security system.”

by Bo C.

Everett, WA

“Easy to Use…
The system, its features, and all the costs entailed were very clearly explained. The installation was non-disruptive, and the alarm system has been working extremely well. It’s unfortunate that we needed to get an alarm system, but the ease of using this and its features have made us happy to have it. I would definitely recommend Kristi and Absolute Security Alarms for anyone needing this type of security.”

by Jason P.

Seattle, WA

“Finally Have Peace of Mind…
I’m am so happy to finally have peace of mind. Kristi Roze met with my wife and I. She was extremely patient and answered every question we had. She saved us money helping us pick the right setup for our home and needs. Best part is Kristi is a former Police Detective. Who better to know what’s practical and what’s needed. Ask for Kristi and get that alarm you’ve wanted but thought was expensive. Its very affordable and can be monitored by your smart phone. Then sleep good at night and more so have peace of mind when you’re away.”

by Steve D.

Kirkland, WA

“Change is Good…
As a small business owner, I am very grateful that we discovered this company for our retail store security system. After years of dealing with a security company in another state with long wait times for basic repairs, it’s so refreshing to now be with a local independent business! They are super responsive, provided excellent customer service and had our new security system installed within just a few days! I highly recommend Absolute Security Alarms for a quality security system and reliable service.”

by C.M.

Edmonds, WA

“Most Affordable…
I needed to install security system in my house and was shopping around and did some price comparison. I called ADT, Burdick’s Security, Protective Systems Inc, and Absolute Security Alarms (ASA) to compare prices and options. ADT got off the list fast… One down, three to go. First showed up Burdick’s and presented products (wasn’t bad at all) but price quote arrived 2 days later, instead of same day as promised. Then Sesha arrived from ASA and gave me price quote right on the spot and then emailed me quote in the evening. Last, Protective System came and wanted to install way to many things other than panel in the house and I did not want them to drill holes everywhere. I did not like presentation and products and they sent me quote 2 days later. Price-wise, ASA was about $200+ dollars less than Burdick’s and about $350+ less than Protective Systems. Installation went well. Edgar arrived on time, install everything very well and cleaned up after himself. ASA uses Monitronics and I am very happy with features and equipment of this Seattle home security company. Overall, price is right, customer service is great, follow-up calls were made by owner as well as scheduler to ensure I was happy, and technician (Edgar) was super polite, clean, and professional. I highly recommend Absolute Security Alarms to everyone who needs protection.”

by Aram M.

Seattle, WA

“Great Customer Service…
”I have a client who needed their alarm system modified to accommodate the remodel. As a General Contractor it is imperative I stay on schedule and the technician from Absolute Security arrived exactly when they said he would. He was friendly, asked great questions and was collaborative in his words and actions and I experienced great customer service. Kristi Rose and Absolute Security is on the top of the list, they do what they say and when they say they will do it and with a professional attitude.

by Thom W.  The Construction Difference

Seattle, WA

“Absolutely Terrific!…
”We have had our home protected by Absolute for almost a year now. Kristi Roze, Absolute’s account manager is a STRAIGHT SHOOTER and her installation team is truly white-glove. The installation team did exactly what Kristi created, but even took the extra effort to really ensure that the system they installed would really, truly work for us, which meant they deleted an item that wasn’t needed and added a couple different sensors that would really pick up our protected spaces well. As a team, Absolute Security Alarms is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC!

by Jim B.

Kirkland, WA

“Thorough and Professional…
”From beginning to end I was so impressed with how thorough and professional and even friendly everyone was! I absolutely love my camera system and amazed at the clarity and quality of the images. I am so glad I hired them and wouldn’t do business with anyone else. I highly recommend them!

by Kendal F.

Redmond, WA

“Love Our System…
”Kris was a tremendous guide for us when she came to our home to give us an in-depth and quality security assessment. She has lots of experience in security and safety and knew exactly what we needed. The technology of the security system itself is what sells this system though! To be able to log in from any computer in the world and find out what is going on in our home, to be able to turn the system off and on from my iPhone app, to be able to assign several different user codes to different people (like our maid, our neighbors, our family, etc) so that we will always know who came in and when, and the fact that the in-home device is all touch screen – its awesome!

Jason came in to install the system and he was fantastic! Extremely friendly and professional! He took his time to ensure that everything was installed properly, that it worked properly, and then took his time training us on how to use everything. He did not leave the house until we were totally comfortable. He told us to practice and practice on the system and even try to outsmart it – with the end result being that we could not outsmart the system – making us feel very secure in our own home!

Be prepared for many calls the first couple of days though. And this is a good thing – just be prepared for them. We got multiple calls the first two days that the system went live because everyone was calling checking on us to see how we liked the system, if everything was working properly, and to see if we had any questions. Even the owner of the company called us to thank us for our service and see if we had any questions.

All in all, we love our new system. And most importantly, we feel SAFE!

by Drew R.

Bothell, WA

“A Huge Thank You…
”We couldn’t be happier with our new security system. Every single step of the process was quick, professional & exactly what was promised & the overall cost was much less expensive than we anticipated. Kristi came out to meet with us in the evening, on our schedule. Jason & Edgar did a quick & good job with install & replaced a very outdated/unused system.

We have numerous people coming & going each day in our house & we anticipated a bit of a learning curve & some accidental alarms, as we all got used to the system. That hasn’t happened & we haven’t had a SINGLE issue at all, largely due to the training provided when the system was installed. The system was easily programmed to accommodate our lifestyle & patterns.

We’re using a combination of the wall unit, web-based, IPhone & key fob to set/disarm the alarm & everything works just as it should. We are extremely pleased. It’s a treat to work with a company that delivers & exceeds every single promise.

A huge Thank You to Absolute Security.

by Jodi H.

Woodinville, WA

“Top Technology…
”The team at ASA is awesome! No pressure, just pure and simple education. The install guys also are amazing – worked very well together to ensure the system was up and running to my satisfaction, were patient with me training on the system and answered all of my (some silly) questions easily.

The technology behind the system is what sold me. I can manage it from my iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc… having peace of mind whether I am at home or out and about – that is PRICELESS. Thanks Kristi & team!!!

by Dawn I.

Seattle, WA