Our Hours and Contact Information

We have several departments and all have different hours of operation and contact processes.
Absolute Security Alarms is your installation and service company.
Whidbey Station (for prepaid clients installed before January 2022) is your Central Station aka Monitoring Facility.
AvantGuard for former Brinks clients and all clients installed after Jan. 2022
Our Central Monitoring Stations are of course always open 24/7.
AvantGuard Clients Call Customer Service # 877-206-9141
Whidbey Clients Call Customer Service # 360-321-2205
Absolute Security Alarms – Office # 206-257-1951
Absolute Security Alarms Office Hours M-F 9:00 to 5:00
Sales & Consulting  M-Sat. 9am – 5pm
Service M-F. 9am – 5pm
Phone Support  9am – 10pm (leave a message after office hours to activate a response)
Emergency Service is Always Available 
During Absolute Security Alarms office hours, all calls should be made to our office, so that we can take care of you or get you to the proper person, who will gladly help you with anything you might need.
Outside of our office hours, please leave a detailed message on our Voice Mail, Email or Web Contact Form. These will instantly be transferred to the on-call manager servicing each department. You will be amazed at how fast one of us gets back to you if you leave a detailed message after hours!  
ALWAYS CALL THE MONITORING STATION TO STOP A DISPATCH. Absolute Security Alarms main office has no way of helping you stop a false alarm. This must be done directly with the monitoring station!