Absolute Security Alarms Move Policies

For Absolute Security Alarms Prepaid Clients:

Option 1: We will remove and box your system for $100.00 – We will install your system in your new home (Seattle and environs area) for $199.00. We fill out paperwork, change account dispatch information and send test signals from your new home.  If you move out of our service area in Western Washington, re-install will need to be done by a company in your new town. You will need to pay them your negotiated cost of installation directly and your monitoring will continue with us.

Option 2:  If you are in your first term 36 months agreement, your prepaid monitoring agreement covers the cost of your equipment and installation. This represents the breakeven point for Absolute Security Alarms and allows us the opportunity to earn your respect and continued business. If you elect to sell the equipment with the home instead of the above move policy you may do so at any time, as it has been paid for in full by your pre-paid agreement.  IMPORTANT: Please be sure to cancel your account with Absolute Security Alarms on your moving day or you will remain liable for any false alarm fines that are assessed by your local authorities, in your absence. If you are in a renewal term past the original 36 months, your unused prepaid months will be refunded to you minus the cost of any term discounts and extra part gifts that you received for the renewal. A 30-day notice is required for cancellation.

NOTE – Prepaid monitoring can be moved with the system, or refunded under limited conditions as stated above, but can not be transferred to a new homeowner.