Absolute Security Alarms Move Policies

For Absolute Security Alarms Prepaid Clients:

Option 1: We will remove and box your system for $100.00 – We will install your system in your new home (Seattle and environs area) for $100.00. We fill out paperwork, change account dispatch information and send test signals from your new home.  If you move out of town or state re-install will be done by another authorized dealer for $250.00

Option 2:  Your prepaid monitoring agreement covers the cost of your equipment and installation. This represents the breakeven point for Absolute Security Alarms and allows us the opportunity to earn your respect and continued business. If you elect to sell the equipment with the home instead of the above move policy you may do so at any time, as it has been paid for in full by your pre-paid agreement.  IMPORTANT: Please be sure to cancel your account with Absolute Security Alarms on your moving day or you will remain liable for any false alarm fines that are assessed by your local authorities, in your absence.

A Blessing: (We are the only alarm company that will do this!) With your written permission (email is fine) we will allow the new homeowner to benefit from the unused monitoring of your system in return for an opportunity to gain them as a longtime client. In order for them to receive this benefit which is exclusive to Absolute Security Alarms only, the new homeowners must be willing to do ALL of the following;

  1. Have your blessing on using your unused monitoring months.
  2. Sign a new 36-month agreement which will show your unused months as pre-paid.
  3. Pay a $199.00 activation fee for new paperwork, system checkup, signals sent and instructions on using the system and its features.
  4. Pay $199.00 to update the systems cell radio to the new LTE technology if not done previously, as all 3G radios will sunset soon and can’t be reactivated.
  5. Make payment in full for the non-gifted balance of the 36 months upfront to get the same discounted rate. Alternatively, they can choose to have a credit card on file for monthly payments, at the current non discounted rate + tax, for the non-gifted period of the 36-month agreement. When the non- gifted period is paid full, the gifted balance will be added to the end of their agreement at no charge to the new homeowner.