About Seattle & Bellevue Home and Business Security Alarms

Absolute Security Alarms LLC

We’ve been in the alarm industry for over 30 years. We have served as installers, salesman, licensed alarm company owners, monitoring station designers and marketing directors with one of the nation’s top producing security dealers. We work as consumer advocates, teaching families how to buy alarm systems properly. As a direct result of properly training consumers, we are often called upon to consult alarm dealerships on how to market to the educated consumers that today’s alarm dealer is finding. We are committed to being unbiased when it comes to educating consumers on Seattle home security.

The bitterness of poor quality... ~ Benjamin Franklin

In an effort to be the stand out security alarm dealer in Western Washington, Absolute Security Alarms works only with proven best available technologies. Our controls bring security, home automation, remote surveillance and energy conservation systems together in one seamless platform. Our consultants are paid to educate and serve without pressure or agenda. It’s our pleasure to treat you the way we want to be treated ourselves and to provide customer service that is without compare. Graphic touch screens, cell based radio communicators, 2 way voice, remote control, smart phone apps and a complete suite of interactive services are all standard equipment on every Absolute Security Alarm.

The Experts Know!

Our firm The Experts Know! was established to provide efficient, expert consultation and consumer advocacy to people all over the world that were interested in learning about procuring electronic security systems. Over our many years of properly educating consumers, we were contacted by many professional alarm companies, asking us how to market to this new influx of highly educated consumers, we were responsible for creating. They hired us to come teach them marketing concepts that helped them stand apart from those that were doing it wrong and were benefiting from taking advantage of unknowing consumers.

We have helped thousands of people (without charge) through the years and have been extremely satisfied with the successful alarm dealer consultancy we have built as a byproduct of that service.

Now it gives us much joy to make ourselves available through Absolute Security Alarms, LLC to the Seattle and environs market as their best choice for residential and light commercial security systems. Our primary services include marketing, consultation, installation, service and monitoring of the finest security systems available. Born of the nation’s premier consumer advocacy for electronic security systems, we will always put the integrity of the industry highest on our provided services list.