Many alarm users need to protect things such as gates, sheds, barns, and equipment, which have been too far away from the alarm panel to be protected. With so many people needing this protection, went to work to develop the Flex IO LTE Contact. Now that it has been developed and released, you can protect doors, gates, and equipment no matter where they are, as long as there is a cellular signal.

The Flex IO has long-term lithium batteries and an LTE cell communicator built-in. The unit does not need electrical power other than the batteries, allowing you to use it in very remote areas as well as just out of range from your alarm system on your property. The unit is also weatherproof, and you can install it anywhere.

Flex IO can be connected to your Absolute Security Alarms system and managed by your alarm app for notifications. If you don’t have an existing account, we can set up a stand-alone account so that you can manage your contact and its alerts and notifications.

There is an optional Magna Pull-Apart-Cord that will allow you to pass the jacketed cord through a piece of equipment such as a tractor, motorcycle, or anything you want to protect from movement. Cutting, unplugging, or moving the equipment, will notify you instantly through the Flex IO via texts and email.

You can purchase this amazing device and its necessary subscription plans without a long-term commitment from Absolute Security Alarms.