Washington State SmokeCloak Dealer and Installer

SmoakCloak Dealer for Western Washington

If They Can’t See It, They Can’t Steal It!

We are the Western Washington SmokeCloak dealer and installer. This product is a must-have for businesses that can suffer large value losses in a fast grab during unauthorized entry. The device comes in 3 sizes for handling a small storefront to a large warehouse. SmokeCloak will release a fog that will fill a protected area in 15-30 seconds. Upon activation, the uninvited visitors will have no choice but to retreat immediately. The fog will dissipate in about one hour without ventilation, and about a half-hour if ventilated. The patented fog is harmless to humans or pets and leaves no residue to clean up. We have found this product to be a premier security option in conjunction with a security alarm and it will likely pay for itself after the first attempted burglary.  Call Absolute Security Alarms at 206-257-1951 for more information or a demonstration of this game-changing security device.