When your alarm system was installed you were instructed on how to enter your user codes. When you filled out the agreements with your consultant you were asked to choose a password (aka) pass-phrase . These are often confused by the alarm user, as indicated when they set the alarm off on accident and often have no clue what the password is, when the monitoring station calls. Your PASSWORD is very important and lets the monitoring technician know that they are talking to an authorized system user. Please make sure that everyone who has permission to use your alarm system knows the password, in case they set the system off on accident. This simple important process, will help to prevent false dispatch to the authorities. You can call our office (206-257-1951) and change your password as often as you would like. If you are not sure of your password call us ASAP, we have other ways to identify you and help you to retrieve or reset your password. If you ever change/d your password directly with the monitoring facility, please be sure to let us know also at Absolute Security Alarms so that we have your updated information, authorizing us to help you when you call us directly. .