When designing a security system there should be many layers of protection added to increase it’s functionality. All perimeter doors should be contacted, as a first line of defense.

DOORS- Doors are the most common point of entry for a burglar. Contacted doors also will help you supervise entry times for family members or employees. Your ASA system can be set up to notify you when and if the kids are home, when the pet sitter comes and goes etc. It will also allow you to add temporary, timed and date approved entries and report via text/email of that movement.

MOTION DETECTORS- Motion detectors are the perfect interior detection device. They will pick up motion no matter where an intruder enters from. There are pet immune motion detectors that can be used for single free roaming pets of a maximum weight (length), however these can not be used dependably with multiple free roaming pets.

WINDOW CONTACTS- There are mixed thoughts on window contacts in the industry. Most consumers think they are well protected by having all their windows contacted, but I don’t recommend them unless there is a specific need to monitor a window. An example of “specific need” is keeping a child from opening a window for a stranger or teenagers from sneaking out to the party you did not give them permission to attend. I feel that window contacts can create a false sense of security for the following reason. If a window is locked (and it should be) a burglar would have to break the glass to open it. If they break the glass and your alarm doesn’t trip, they will simply clear the glass and climb in, without opening the window, that may or may not be contacted, Some clients insist on having window contacts and we can provide them, however we like to explain the limitations before they spend a small fortune adding numerous window contacts.

GLASS BREAKS- Glass Break Detectors (Audio Sound Discriminators) listen for the thud of force used when breaking glass and the frequency of the glass cracking, in the correct order and timing. These devices are able to protect multiple windows in an open concept space within 30 ft of the device, making them an outstanding perimeter protection value. Heavy lined drapes and wooden slat blinds could diminish the reliability of the Glass Break Detector listening to the window they cover.

SURPRISE INTERIOR TRAPS- Many people don’t realize that you can create interior traps using contacts. Hall doors, closet doors, drawers, liquor cabinets and certainly master bedroom doors can be contacted easily. We know that no matter how a burglar enters your home, they will go to the master bedroom, so now you can see the advantage of additional traps as a way to track a suspects movements through your home. These interior traps can be programmed as “INTERIOR” devices just like your motion detectors are. This way when you arm the system in the “STAY” mode, they are automatically bypassed. When you arm your system in the “AWAY” mode, your interior traps become part of the system.