Absolute Security Alarms surveillance installer aiming a camera for a client.

Our professional low voltage electricians can help with your surveillance installation

We are often contacted by people who have purchased alarm systems and surveillance cameras online or elsewhere that are looking for professional help to install the products they bought. They got a good deal on the equipment and come to realize once they receive it, that they don’t have the skill sets or desire to run wire, climb ladders, mount equipment, adjust views and program software to make it all functional.

The problem is that all the alarm companies that they call, do not provide labor for equipment that they don’t sell to the consumer. Many callers have expressed frustration over this and feel lost over what they are going to do.

We have decided that since Absolute Security Alarms is a Local and Loved company that cares about its neighbors, that we will be the first to step up to the needs of our neighbors and new purchasing habits.

Absolute Security Alarms will provide professional labor only for alarm systems and surveillance systems if needed and within our service area. We are Seattle-based and work south to Tacoma, north to Everett, and west to North Bend and Snohomish. Give us a call at 206-257-1951 to discuss your project and get a labor quote.