Our new 2GIG gun motion detector, combo locks your trigger and reports when your gun has been picked up via text and email through your Absolute Security Alarm 24/7. In addition to your alarm system protecting your gun, the gun lock works in two ways. The combo lock prevents using the trigger until removed with the proper combination. The lock also has a motion detector in it that will notify whomever you would like to receive notifications via text and emails, if the gun is moved or picked up, even if the security alarm is disarmed! You can assign multiple recipients via your alarm.com dashboard or app. This will help you always supervise your gun.

With new Washington State gun laws being voted in this past 2018 midterm election, being the toughest in the country, it is extremely important to use a trigger lock or store your gun/s in a safe when not in use. It seems that if your guns are stolen from your home or business and used in a crime, you will share some of the responsibility, for having an unsecure weapon. As unpopular as this may be with you, you don’t want to have your world turned upside down by the actions of another. Until this shakes out in the courts, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

If there are children that may have access to your gun/s it makes good sense to know if they are picking them up, even if it’s just to show a friend what they have found. The gun lock/motion detector is designed for most guns or rifles. It is easy to install and uninstall when needed with a three-digit combination. If you have any questions pertaining to the gun lock or any of our notification products, please give Absolute Security Alarms a call at 206-257-1951 and it will be our pleasure to answer your questions.

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