Kristi Roze, a manager at Absolute Security Alarms and a former police detective, believes that protecting your home isn’t just a “one and your done” event. Instead, home security should be viewed like a pendulum; the more items you incorporate the lower your odds of being targeted by burglars, thieves stealing packages or your mail and the like.

Some of the obvious things that everyone is aware of but don’t necessarily incorporate at their home include: keep your yard maintained and shrubs cut back, invest in adequate lighting (criminals are like cockroaches, they hate the light!), and consider investing in a home security system. The technology has improved and they are no longer just for the uber rich. And the insurance industry clearly notes that home owners with alarms are much less likely to be targeted in the first place.

Roze also recommends that the next time you drive up to your home, take a look at your house and really try and recognize any vulnerabilities. And do the same thing at night when it’s dark.

Additionally, if you do need police or medical attention and you called 911, would the fire department or patrol officer struggle to read your house numbers? Or are they clearly illuminated? Kristi says that one of the simplest ways to speed up 911 response is by making sure you’ve done your part by visible addressing. One of her favorites are the painted house numbers on the curb!