When we think of alarms, many people consider that an alarm system is to protect their things from burglary. I have shouted from the highest mountain for many years “alarm systems should be designed to protect the people that use them and watching over things is a byproduct!”

The majority of the alarm systems being marketed in Seattle and around the country are simple and unsophisticated. They are designed to turn on when you leave your home or business and off when you return. Most are tied to the monitoring stations via a vulnerable phone line or cable and many are rendered useless if the control is attacked by the uninvited.

Every Absolute Security Alarm is designed from the ground up with the humans it protects as priority one. Our alarm systems are all built on a Security, Home Automation and Energy Conservation platform – Standard! They are monitored via cellular communications, patented anti destruction protocol, 2 way voice verification and owner direct text, email and push notifications. Our ability to set macros to adjust the system precisely to the end users lifestyle and specifications creates a custom designed and supervised system that is without parallel.

Controlled through touchpad interaction, Smartphone apps, PC and Mac from anywhere in the world your system operates all alarm functions and non alarm notifications such as children entering your master suite, not home from school on time, doors left open, access to a liquor closet, leaving without arming, etc. If you add lighting, HVAC controls, or electronic locks, your alarm and supervisory system becomes a home automation and energy conservation system. Even surveillance can be seamlessly integrated with DVR or cloud storage for violation video footage and remote look in capability.

Absolute Security Alarms provides this best in industry equipment to every client for around the same cost as others which are providing inferior products and basic design. It’s proof that what you don’t know can hurt!