Important Questions You Should Ask When Comparing Security Companies

By taking a few minutes to ask these questions, you will be better able to make an educated decision about which security company deserves your business.  And, because of the internet it is now much easier to see transparency in a company regarding how they do business.  You will find that you don’t need to spend as much time getting numerous bids when many companies can be quickly weeded-out ahead of time.

Here are 8 questions you should ask with Absolute Security Alarms’ Answers:

1.        Is the company registered with Labor & Industries as a state licensed electrical contractor?

             i.      Yes.

             ii.      To look-up security companies, click on the hyper-link and enter the name of the business

2.       What is our BBB rating?

              i.       We are an accredited member of the BBB with an “A” rating.

3.       Read Social Media reviews such as Angie’s List, Yelp, City Search, Yahoo, Google

              i.      Discover what local customers are saying about us and any other company you are looking at hiring.

              ii.      This is one of the best ways to weed-out those companies that have repeatedly disappointed their clients.

 4.       Do we use “lockout” codes on your equipment?  This means that if you attempt to use a different monitoring company after your initial agreement ends, your equipment has been rendered useless. 

              i.      No, we never use lockout codes.  We believe in earning your business instead of holding you hostage.  At the end of your agreement if you are not happy with our monitoring, you can cancel your monitoring and monitor your equipment elsewhere, with other alarm companies being able to access the technical programming sections of your system.

5.       What is our Service Policy? Duration of equipment warranty? What do we charge for a service call? 

               i.      We provide a lifetime service warranty on all equipment and labor as long as you continue to monitor with us.

6.       Are our Installers full-time employees?  Or subcontractors? Have all employees entering your home been given background checks?

               i.      We take the responsibility of entering your home very seriously. We never use subcontractors, and every Absolute Security Alarms employee has passed extensive background checks.

7.       Do we have a false-alarm policy?

               i.      Many cities require registering your alarm with a city permit.  At Absolute Security Alarms, we keep an updated data-base of these cities and we assure that permits are pulled on your behalf as part of our focus on excellent customer service.

               ii.      Absolute Security Alarms will pay for any equipment-related false-alarm fines.

               iii.      If the home or business owner gets hit with a false-alarm because of “user error” we will provide free, additional training to help avoid any further false-alarms.

8.       Does the Consultant take the time to sit and hear your needs first, prior to the security walk-through, or are they agenda driven and simply provide you with a cookie-cutter system?

              i.      We pride ourselves in getting to know you and your family’s needs as the first matter of business when we meet with you for a security consultation.

              ii.      Our systems are never cookie-cutter.  Each business or home deserves a system designed specifically to meet your needs.

              iii.      Our system is designed to fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around.