During every consultation we explain that most burglaries take place during the day when the burglar doesn’t expect anyone to be home. The suspects typical M.O, is to knock on the door and when no one answers, they assume the house is empty and they break in, usually through a window or door. This article typifies the M.O. of most residential burglaries, but unfortunately this time a 10-year-old girl was in the house.

Good coaching in advance by her Mom helped the 10 year old know what steps to take (hiding in the pantry and calling 911) and thankfully it ended with the girl being okay and the burglars being arrested.

Would an alarm have helped here? Absolutely!! When you have a security system, the odds of being a burglary victim are drastically reduced, and a good alarm allows the monitoring station to update the police on the movement of the suspects through the home. The most important thing is protecting yourself and your family. A good alarm will help!