Bellevue is now requiring that all accounts within the city are registered with the city. The account registration window runs through Wednesday, September 30th 2015. Alarm companies are to send their list of City of Bellevue subscribers to Bellevue’s 3rd party administrator, Public Safety Corporation. The account information is to be sent in Excel format using the submission form to

Fines for failing to register an account will not be assessed until October 1st 2015.

The new Bellevue ordinance requires:

  1. Annual Registration – $25 / $12 for Seniors
  2. Enhanced Call Verification
  3. CP-01 Alarm Control Panels
  4. False Alarm Fines -$100 burglar alarm dispatch, $200 hold-up/panic/duress. Note: The first false alarm fine for both categories will be waived upon completion of an alarm user class.
  5. Government Facilities Exempt – Federal, State and City are exempt from this ordinance.
  6. Bellevue Public Schools are exempt only from the monetary obligations under this ordinance.

For more information regarding this ordinance please contact:

Detective Amanda Jensen

Bellevue False Alarm Reduction Program


450 110th Avenue. NE

Bellevue WA