Absolute Flex IO LTE Contact – Existing A.Com Client Monthly Service Flex Subscription



For Existing Absolute – Alarm.com Client Accounts – Flex IO Cellular LTE Remote Contact Monthly Service Flex Subscription

This service plan covers the LTE cellular link into your existing Absolute Security Alarm with Alarm.com service. It will allow you to receive notifications from far away areas with cell signal coverage, with or without available electricity. The remote contact will link with your alarm system app for notifications.

Alarm.com has developed the first cellular sensor with virtually no range limitations for monitoring valuable property and assets. The Alarm.com Flex IO™, a battery-powered device that is weatherproofed for outdoor durability, uses the latest LTE-M technology to operate anywhere there is LTE coverage and without a panel, hub, or even Wi-Fi. The one-of-a-kind sensor works as a standalone solution or expanding a person’s existing Alarm.com powered system.

The Flex IO™ sensor sets up in seconds and can be attached to almost anything to help people keep an eye on doors, gates, sheds, barns, detached garages, guest houses, and other access points around their property. The wired Magna-loop input option keeps users informed if freestanding items, like a motorcycle or lawnmower, are moved.

This contact can be anywhere a Verizon or ATT cell signal can be found. It’s perfect for gates, barn or shed doors, or equipment stored in remote areas, outside your home/business, or too far from your alarm system to send a signal. Notice the wire that can’t be removed or cut without violating the unit. I decided to protect my dinghy and motor with it on my boat. The unit is weatherproof, has batteries rated for 2 years of service, and a built-in LTE cell radio. It can be married into your existing alarm account for notifications, or it can stand alone with its own Alarm.com account.

$7 Per Month for adding onto our existing Alarm.com accounts